Agenda of the european climate camps, actions and activist’s gatherings of the summer 2022

Since decades, numerous activist gatherings are organised across Europe during spring et summer, allowing meetings, exchanges between many activists, organizations and European networks, but also to act, through rallies, demonstrations, civil disobedience and direct actions in order to fight against the capitalist system, extractivist industries, social and environmental inequalities.

Dozens of these gatherings are planned throughout the summer, with bike trips (even with boats) to alternative places, or against atomic energy, climate camps, disobedience actions against extractivist industry (coal, gas, oil, concrete, etc.), borders, nuclear power, weapon industries, but also with many meetings, bookfairs and conferences to imagine and put into action other ways of life, other societies, anti-capitalist, solidarity, cooperative, pacifist and respectful of all living things.

These struggles and gatherings are essential for European activists, in order to fight together, develop networks of struggle, and make a common front against those who try to enslave this world for their own interests, and thereby destroy it. So, if you feel like joining them, here is the non-exhaustive agenda of the European activist gatherings of summer 2022.

Don’t hesitate to complete the agenda in the comments if you know of interesting events, I will add them in the article.

Have a good summer of struggles !

[Photo : Tim Wagner]


30th of april – 31 of may : Cycling the Change : bike tour with lectures and actions through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

1st – 6th of may : Action week against nuclear energy, Steinfurt, Germany.

12th – 17th of may : Bike tour Tegengas – Dégaze, against the construction of new gaz power plants in Belgium.

22nd – 29th of may : Climate camp in Lobau, Vienna, Austria.

26th – 29th of may : 6th annual anarchist book fair, Mannheim, Germany.

27th – 29th of may : Gathering of past and present citizen resistance fighters, on the Glières plateau, France.

27th – 29th of may : Food Autonomy Festival, Utrecht, Pays-Bas.

28th of may : 9th Prague Anarchist Bookfair, Prague, Czech Republic.


1st – 4th of june : Eupra conference 2022, Empowering Peace: The role of civil society in peacebuilding and conflict transformation Tampere University, Finland.

3rd – 5th of june : Pinksterlanddagen 2022, anarchist festival, Appelscha, Netherlands.

4th – 5th of june : Stockholm anarchist bookfaire, Sweeden.

10th –  17th of june : Confronting the UK’s Weapons of Mass Terror – Gathering and actions of civil disobedience at the Faslane/Coulport nuclear weapon complex in western Scotland.

14th – 17th of june : Vélo-city 2022, Cycling for change, Ljubljana, Slovénie.

18th of june : Antinuclear demonstration against a spent fuel pool projet at La Hague, Cherbourg, France.

19th of june : Climate march, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

24th – 26th of june : International mobilisation against all the wars and all the borders, Turin, Italy.

24th – 26th of june : 14th edition of the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair, Cluj/Kolozsvár, Romania.

24th – 26th of june : The Subvertiser’s International, anti-advertising gathering organised by Adfree Cities, Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire (RAP), Brandalism and Communication & Democracy, Paris, France.

25th of june : G7 demo – Protest surrounding the G7 summit in Elmau – Climate crisis, species extinction, inequality: just is different!, Munich, Germany.

25th – 26th of june : Rumble of the peaks, mobilization against the reservoirs and the artificialization of the mountain of La Clusaz, La Clusaz – Aravis chain, France.

28th of june – 18th september : 10 climate camps organized by Alternatiba, les Amis de la Terre et Action Non-Violente COP21, France.

29th – 30th of june : Summit for peace, to oppose next NATO summit, Madrid, Spain.


Begining of july until the end of september : Ecotopia bike tour, from Amsterdam to Marseille.

 1st – 10th of july : Climate justice camp in Base,  Switzerland.

2nd – 10th of september : Tour des Cévennes Accueillantes et Solidaires, solidarity walk, from Saint-Jean du Gard to Mandagout, France.

5th – 10th of july : Action camp IPPNW and ICAN against atomic weapons, Büchel, Germany.

6th – 10th of july : Climate camp against fossil capitalism, Melides, Portugal.

7th – 10th of july : European Ecovillage Gathering, at Svanholm ecovillage,near Copenhagen, Denmark.

8th – 10th of july : Alternatiba Festival, for Climate and Social Justice. Three days to party, get inspired, dance, share and discover how to act together for climate and social justice, Lyon, France.

8th – 10th of july : Festival Zadenvies, ZAD of Notre Dame des Landes, France.

9th – 31st of july : Anti-Atom-Radtour Nord, Germany.

11th – 17th of july : International action week against nuclear weapons, Büchel, Germany.

11th – 17th of july : Barricades’s fest, occupied railway station of Luméville, near Bure, France.

11th – 28th of august : Alter tour 2022, bike tour from Nice to Clermont-Ferrand, France.

12th – 17th of july : Festival Passeur d’humanité, Vallée de la Roya, France.

12th – 17th of july : Transborder camp, ZAD of NDDL, next to Nantes, France.

16th – 24th of july : Summer university of animal liberation, Dijon, France.

19th of july – 3rd of august : Climate camp near Leipzig, Germany.

25th – 29th of july : Climate Social Camp, Turin, Italy.

25 juillet au 14 août : Skillsharing and careshare gathering, Nora219a forest occupation, Poland.
Facebook event

28th – 31st of july : Sommer, Sonne, Antifa! Antifascist festival, Rhine region, Germany.

28th of july – 1st of august : Climate camp, Aberdeen, Scotland.

29th – 31st of july : Decentralised anti-authoritarian gathering, St-Imier, Switzerland.


1st – 6th of august : Climate camp for children, on the grounds of the Lebensbogen at Dörnberg near Zierenberg near Kassel, Germany.

2nd – 7th of august : Climate camp against the Shannon LNG fracked gaz terminal, Tarbert, Ireland.

2nd – 13th of august : Tour de natur, bike tour, Germany.

5th – 7th of august : Les Bure’lesques, festival against ANDRA’s nuclear waste burial project, near Bure, France.

5th – 22nd of august : Les Estivales of the animal issue (EQA), Gron (Yonne), France.

8th – 14th of  august : No border camp, actions, networking, meetings and discussions on all aspects of the oppressive migration policy, somewhere in the Netherlands.
Contact :

9th – 15th of august : Ende Gëlande!, climate camp and mass actions against the planned construction of liquefied natural gas terminals in Germany and in the port of Hamburg, Germany.

13th of august – 4th of september : Anti-nuclear bike tour, south Germany.

17th – 21st of august : European Summer University of Social Movements, Mönchengladbach, Germany.

18th – 21st of august : AMS camp, self-organized camp with readings and critical discussions on gender relations, capitalism and nationalism. Cultural program with theater and music. In St Georgen, Black Forest, Germany.

24 au 28 août : Climate camp at the occupied village of Lützerath, Germany.

29th of august – 4th of september : Antimilitarist action camp against the arms industry, Kassel, Germany.

29th of august – 7th of september : A-camp, anarchist summer camp, lower Austria.

31st of august- 4th of september : Earth First climate camp, United Kingdom.


2nd – 5th of  septembre  : FREEDOM NOT FEAR ’22, annual European activists’ self-organised conference on privacy and digital rights.

2nd – 11th of september : Earth raises March , mountain march against imposed mega-projects (Collettivo del Reno): from Ponticelli (Malalbergo) to Scaffaiolo lake, in Corno alle Scale, Italy.

3rd of september : Action conference for system change. An initiative by Code Rood, Extinction Rebellion, FossielVrij NL, Fridays For Future, Internationale Socialisten, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

7th – 11th of september : Venice Climate camp, Venice, Italy.

9th – 11th of september : WRI100 Manifestation « Future without war! ». This event is open to all activists seeking to learn from one another and to join forces to make the world a little better in a non-violent way.

9th – 23rd of september :Turning the tide, activist sailing trip.
Contact :

23rd – 27th of septembre : Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie, Together against the animal industry, action days in Northwest Germany, in the Oldenburg region.

30th of september – 1st/2nd of october : Eco-gathering, Ekotopaketak, Portugalete, Euskal Herria / Basque Country.


3rd – 9th of october : Climate camp in Czech Republic. Info to come.

5th – 9th of october : Stay grounded / Aviaction, action conference against the aviation industry, Lille, France.

6th – 13th october : International Uranium Film Festival, Berlin, Germany.

8th – 9th october : Code rouge, non-violent civil disobedience action to block a key infrastructure of the oil and gas giant TotalEnergies, Belgium.

29th – 30th of october : 6th anarchist bookfair, Amstderdam, Netherlands.

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